24 June 2010

Ways to make money as an internet marketer by selling your own product

Internet marketing also known as i-marketing, web marketing, online marketing or eMarketing is the marketing of products or services using the internet.

Selling your own product can be a lucrative business model. One of the most commonly talked about products is the eBook. It is almost a total inevitability when reading the so-called experts who proclaim how to make money on the internet, that the word eBook crops up in capital letters. 

The eBook should provide knowledge and advice on how to do, learn, make, share, invent something. This could be on any topic that you as the internet marketer feel comfortable talking about and have sufficient knowledge of to make it worthwhile for somebody to buy.

The popularity of the eBook rests on some fairly obvious advantages. First of all, except for time invested, there are few other expenses involved. The eBook does not need to get printed. Of course the customer is welcome to print the book once purchased. But you as author don't have to carry that heavy cost.

The second reason for the popularity of the eBook is that it is probably one of the easier ways to put a product together. If you were to knit jerseys, make candles, decorate hand-made furniture or any other number of products the labour required for a one off product would be extensive.

Besides the effort, regrettably not many people have these wonderful skills anymore. In an age where everything is automated and dirt cheap to manufacture not many people have kept the creative trades and skills alive mainly because they probably would have starved trying to make a living with them.

It's not only the effort and knowledge required that makes the eBook a winner. It is also the fact that once produced it may be sold as many times as a customer is found. Author once, and sell many times is certainly something the consumerism focused economy has taught us to appreciate as a business model.

Finally, amongst this list of advantages you also need to add that the eBook is immediately available for download. In an age where instant gratification is the norm, being able to get your product immediately is a huge bonus.  It's certainly a mind set that has made large profits for the overnight delivery companies.

What is the difference between an eBook and the books bought in a shop? Not much. The only major difference is that people are now able to publish their own material without having to try and get a publishing house to sign them up. It puts paid to those rejection slips that so many authors have had to cope with.

The downside of not having a publishing house take up the book is that you lose out on the marketing and promotions arm of the publisher. You have to do it yourself.

Then there are some people that make a great living with online shops selling anything from their home-made candles to crafted jewelry, knitted baby clothes to funky designs for scrap booking hobbyists.

In fact there are specialist online shops where you can list your articles for sale. Etsy is such a store and their commission is only a small percentage of the sale amount. This makes your store costs very low. It is similar to having a small shop in a shopping mall but the rentals are so much more affordable.

Deciding on a product to market via the internet is not that easy. Many considerations have to be taken into account. Are you an expert in a field of knowledge? Do you have a great product range that you could sell? How will it get delivered?

Who is your customer and how do you reach them to tell them about your product? Many questions and many possibilities face you the internet marketer. Get ready for a bumpy but rewarding ride.
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21 June 2010

Are you an internet marketer?

Making a living as an internet marketer is a fairly new profession. It was unheard of a few years ago to make a living trading goods online. Even the online giant of Amazon has only been around since 1995. That's hardly a long time never mind a life time.

It has taken the people a bit longer to start considering the internet as a way to make money and to develop a career in. Mostly it could be attributed to the fact that the internet runs on a technology fairly foreign to the normal person or non-geek.

Having to cope with technical issues is a frightening concept and many people would have hesitated to try their hand at internet marketing. It's so much easier to set up a table at a fair and sell goods that are tangible and where one can use a plastic tupperware bowl for the cash register.

Do you know how to create graphics on a computer? How about using HTML to put a web page together, know any of that? Would you know how to set up a shopping cart? Can you check the statistics for your traffic to see what sales campaigns are working? Does that sound like it is all too much for you to try?

What has changed then? It’s the availability of tools such as WordPress that has changed the online environment. This innovative online application was first available in 2003. WordPress allows ordinary people like you and I to easily set up a blog and be ready to publish our words of wisdom for all to read in a matter of moments.

It’s not only WordPress that has set us non-geek people free of the technology that had held us back in the past.  A slew of little software applications are now available that help with such things as shopping carts and traffic analytics. A plethora of free template designs and graphics available at no or little cost allows even the totally inept marketer to upload something passable onto the internet.

These tools have opened doors for marketers to venture into the technologically challenging environment of the internet. No longer does one have to be a computer geek to be able to set up a website as a lot of help is available to make the task so much easier.

You don’t even have to be a qualified graphic designer to produce good looking sites. It’s not necessary to be a famed journalist as one can buy good quality articles from online marketers that are topic specific and appropriate to ones field. And one can bring in low cost technical assistance if one is really stuck.

What it means is that the tools and information on the internet have made it easier for marketers to set up shop on the internet. Of course those marketers who are creative, have a flair for copy writing, can spot a good product to sell or have a great own product do have an advantage as internet marketers.

The one thing the internet offers though is a low cost entry into the world of buy and sell and a huge, often free, library of information to assist even the newest of marketers to make a successful go of it.

All that is required besides knowledge and patience, is courage to try it out. Do you have it?

What is internet marketing all about?

This is such a hot topic right now that it's being talked about everywhere and not only on the internet. Regrettably it is often associated with people who show off with a picture of themselves clutching an over sized Google cheque that shows hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of earnings - for one month!

This kind of ill-gotten publicity has given internet marketing a bad name. It has resulted in an old-fashioned gold rush where many people are bringing their shovels and sieves and are hoping to pan near somebody who has already found the motherload.

In typical Wild West style the snake oil sales people are out there offering instant cures. They promise untold riches in three easy steps if you follow their lead. They tell you it’s all about easy easy easy, success is guaranteed, money will flood in within a few days, no more worries. Trust us. Pay us.

This entire hype has resulted in many people running around on the internet just like headless chicken do in a farmyard. They jump from one ‘big’ solution to the next. None of them are working for them. It’s easy to understand why. The fundamental principles of marketing are being ignored. 

For all those people, and for anybody who is new to the concept of internet marketing it might be a good idea to sit back, take a deep breath and have a look at what internet marketing is really about.

In reality, just like opening a shop on the main street, internet marketing is about the ordinary concept of selling and buying.  You offer something for sale and somebody comes along and buys it, or maybe decides not to buy it.

The only thing that is different is that it's done digitally. In other words the internet marketer uses the internet to promote and sell his goods. This brings with it many benefits and a whole stack of disadvantages which the internet marketer has to learn about before he can become a success.

It's no different to trading on the high street. Lessons have to be learnt. In fact many of them are quite similar to what the owner of that little dress shop had to learn. The basic principles of trade have been around since the early days of humanity.

Learn these principles and add new ones that apply to the internet before launching yourself into this commercial environment. And having a fair amount of patience is also a good character trait to have. It's not as easy as many people try to tell you and success is not to be had overnight.

Just as McDonalds started with one restaurant many years ago and grew into a huge empire, so can you start a tiny business on a website or blog and grow it into an empire. The only thing to remember is that it took McDonalds (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mcdonalds) 15 years of hard work and much experimentation before it really took off!

Knowledge and patience will be useful when trying out internet marketing!

03 June 2010

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