13 August 2009

How to Search ebooks using Google ?

Google has some powerful search feature, fantastic potential and indexes to narrow down the results for you to find whatever you are after on the internet. So you will be able to easily find free ebooks, download mp3s, programs and many more.

As here we are mainly focusing to search ebooks only using Google search engine, all other tricks like searching mp3, programs shall be discussed later.
You will mostly find the main ebook format in .pdf extension, but ebooks also have .doc, .chm and even .txt extension. So we will have to include all extension which a normal eb00ks have. But unfortunately some ebooks are packed with .zip or .rar extension for which we would probably have to include zip and rar extension as well to your search.

To search for an ebooks perhaps try the following: -

Go to Google's search page and use the following criteria in the search dialog

intitle:index.of? file extension Name of item

e.g. intitle:index.of? pdf photoshop

This will hopefully give you a listing of all websites that Google has cached that contain references to files in PDF format that are published under photoshop.

I sometime also use the below mentioned trick in Google

+("index of") +("/ebooks"|"/book") +(chm|pdf|doc|zip|rar) +photoshop


allinurl: +(rar|chm|doc|zip|pdf|tgz) photoshop

Hopefully this all above mentioned tricks will work perfectly for you as it worked for me.

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