25 August 2009

How to Detect An Invisible Person On Yahoo Messenger?

Yahoo Messenger is undoubtedly a one of the most popular and oldest online communication tool which serves great instant messaging service to the Internet users. It is very well known for live chat conference. Besides this it has also got attractive features like pc to pc call, live video conferencing, yahoo games and many more.
In Yahoo Messenger there is a great feature where you can change your status to "Invisible to everyone" which will led you to offline but in fact you are online. This Invisible feature is really superb because sometimes you don't want people to bug when you are really busy chatting with your close friends or with any relatives. However, this great feature is of no use now a day. Because there are lot of tricks available on the internet to detect invisible person on Yahoo Messenger.
Okay, sometimes some of your friends who seem to be offline in Yahoo Messenger may not be really offline. They might have kept their status invisible simply to ignore you or they don't mean to talk to you. So to see whether they are really invisible or offline, there is a short trick which will let you know the exact truth.
So are you ready to detect an Invisible Person? Firstly all you have to do is open up your Yahoo Messenger main window. Then choose the name of the person you feel like invisible. After that surely a chat window will open.
On that chat window just below the Menu bar click on IMVironment button. Then select See all IMVironments, Yahoo! Tools or Interactive Fun, and click on Doodle. After loading the Doodle IMVironment there can be two possibilities.
First: Look out the picture below, Yes if the user is really offline, Doodle will show the message as show in the image below.

Second: If the user is Online but showing his status invisible in Yahoo Messenger, Then after few seconds or minutes you should get a blank page shown in the image below. This image shows that the user is actually online and ignoring you or don't mean to talk to you.

There is also another method to detect invisible person on Yahoo Messenger. Just choose a person you want to check. Double click to open the chat window. Now simply invite the person for a voice conference. This can be done by clicking on the "conference" button on the top of the chat window.

On that chat window after clicking the conference button, if you receive the message "voice chat could not be started" then the person is really offline. But if the talk button appears and turns green then that person is online. You should start chatting with that person now.

If you find that above tricks are bit time consumable, then you can try the easy way i.e., detect invisible person on Yahoo Messenger simply by putting yahoo id in following websites:

Note: You might have find many people who are talking about different methods to detect the status of invisible person but believe me, they simply don’t work. Do not install any third party applications on your computer to find invisible person on Yahoo Messenger or any other messenger, as they may contain harmful viruses, spy wares.


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