18 August 2009

Free Rapidshare Working Premium Link Generator.

Rapidshare.com is absolutely a renown world's one click largest file hosting site with millions of files stored on its server. It is said that Rapidshare.com is the 16th most visited website worldwide according to the Alexa's three month of rating. You can imagine how often the people use Rapidshare.com !

Okay, Lets proceed to the topic! Have you ever tried to download files from Rapidshare.com as a free user? If you have ever, then you might have encountered that you have to wait for a few seconds, minutes or even hours to download a small piece of files. This is due to the certain limitations and restrictions created by Rapidshare for free users.

So to overcome this limitations you might have attempted a various tricks like renewing your IP address, embedding the javascript, using proxy sites and lots. But this all are of no use at all.

Just recently walking through various forums and blog I've found a very comparatively new site called Rapid8.com which has been started since 24th April 2009 . It is not like other premium link generator sites which comes and lasts for only few couple of weeks and expires. It is four months old, still active and serving the fellows like us. When I first visited the site it took sometimes to load due to the heavy ads and pop ups. But when it fully loaded it works like a charm!

Then I went to it's homepage, I decided to download my most awaited file called winrar pro 3.80 which is a latest version by RARlab. It's a file compressor tool. I simply copied the Rapidshare url/link of winrar pro 3.80 and pasted in the box of homepage and clicked "download" button. After that I had to wait for the download to process, normally 4-5 seconds. When the process got completely finished I found the button named "Begin your download". I just clicked it and I got my file downloaded to my hard drive. This way I found this site very useful and thought to post it here.

Rapid8.com has very good features which makes it very reliable and very trustworthy than others. It has features like: -
  • It converts any Rapidshare link to a premium link for free of cost.
  • Unlimited Download slots everyday.
  • Unlimited parallel downloads
  • It supports Download Managers.
  • Download starts without delays
Besides generating premium link for Rapidshare, Rapid8.com also generates premium link for various popular file hosting sites like Megaupload, Megashares, Hotfile, Easyshare and lots.

So what are you waiting for ? Visit Free Rapidshare Working Premium Link Generator.

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