02 April 2009

How to Quickly Shutdown your Computer in 5 Seconds?

Have you ever observed how long does it take for your computer to shutdown? My PC took 38 seconds to shutdown. I considered my desktop shutdown time fast because I do not have any running programs at system tray. If you have a lot of programs running in background, Windows will have to terminate them before it can shutdown and it sometimes take lots of time. So to bypass this there's a trick to shutdown your computer quickly in 5 seconds: -

Simple Follow these steps: -

1. Open 'Windows Task Manager' (Ctrl+Alt+Del)

2. Click 'Shutdown' (at the top next to 'Help')

3. Then HOLD the 'Ctrl' key and Select 'Turn Off'.

4. ...5...4....3....2...1....You PC turns off immediately. I always do this when I'm in a rush etc.. It doesn't effect the PC.

Hope this trick is helpful to you!!!


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  6. Awesome!!! This tricks makes my computer shutdown superfast....... I hope tht it will not harm my computer......thanks

  7. Thank you so much. that is really, really helpful. You wouldn't believe how many times there are one has to keep biting nails until the computer switches off, and of course that's the time you are always in a rush. Thanks again.