13 March 2009

How to Upload Blogger Templates without getting an Error?

The following post contains information that will surely guide you into every aspect.
Some of you may have encountered the bx error when you try to upload a new blogger template. Even I have experienced the same problem with my blog and have found a way on how to fix this. Some of the Sample of BX error codes are:
  • bX-39cc9q
  • bX-y6cz0v
  • bX-982020
So the steps to fix the error are below: -
  1. First of all, Never ever try to simple copy paste the Template code. Always Upload your new template in the Layout>Edit HTML section of your dashboard. If you do receive a bX-error code when trying to upload your template, you should proceed to step 2.
  2. I suggest try to use different Browser, I mean If you are working on a Firefox then try using Internet Explorer or Vice Versa. If you still get the error just try using different Web browsers.
  3. So If you are still getting the BX error, then all you have to do is Delete all the Widget one by one installed in your template. After deleting it try to upload your template again in the Layout>Edit HTML section of your Blogger dashboard. Now you should not receive the error code and will be able to upload your new template.
Thanks for reading this post, I hope you found the information useful and to of great use.

1 comment:

  1. hey thanks mate! this has workd for me.....after lots of struggling uploading templates...I mean deleting all the widgets and after trying uploading has worked fine....coool!!