01 March 2009

Google Search Tricks To Search Files On Rapidshare

The popular file hosting Rapidshare has thousand of hosted files in all type movies, music,eBooks, Software, …etc.

Although Rapidshare does Not provide a search engine for hosted files you can use google to search files on rapidshare here is few google search tricks.

Search for All rapidshare files

Search for software extension

Search for movies on rapidshare

Additional way To Search For Files On Rapidshare

I’ve found these search engines that allow you to search only for files on rapidshare, although i did not try everyone of them before i write this post, so may be some of them is not working anymore.

  1. Filez
  2. HellaFiles
  3. RapidShared
  4. ShareMiner
  5. FilesBot
  6. RapidOSearch
  7. RapidSearchEngine
  8. RapidshareLink
  9. OneClickFiles
  10. SearchShared
  11. EatPaperRapidshare
  12. FileSearcher
  13. MegaDownload
  14. RapidshareURL
  15. Rapidoogle
  16. Avun
  17. Flesearch
  18. Filestube
  19. Filecrop
  20. Rapidshare1
  21. Rapidlibrary
  22. Gappon
  23. Search4file
  24. Rapid2share
  25. Loadevery
  26. Shareminer
  27. Rapidfox
  28. Linkosearch
  29. LoadingVault
  30. Hellafiles
  31. katz.cd

Note: Most of files on Rapidshare are copyright and illegal to share so use it on your own risk.

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