26 February 2009

Make a Decent Money Online

Hello Friends, today I'm going to tell you how to make a genuine decent money online. I'm damn sure that this is the program which works genuinely. It is a paid to click site (PTC) and I'm gonna let u know how to make online with such PTC sites. First of all find the 10 best sites (The ones with the most ads per day and are legit) sign up for them and click away. Once you are in those 10 sites, you will start making around $10.05 a week based on 15 ads a day some sites have more ads some have less. It sounds like a lot of work but its really easy. Open 5 different web browsers and then open the ads in separate tabs it just takes a little bit of multitasking.
So after earning by clicking ads daily you can also make more money just by referring new members to those 10 site. Most sites pay you .005 cents or most pay even 1 cent for every ad your referral clicks on and another bonus for every ad there referral clicks on it ads up fast. They just have a levels of 1 to 5. To get referrals you need to advertise your referral link given to you by that ten sites. Don't know how to advertise, just click here. I know the procedure is slow but if you use this process you will be making money in notime! Just be Patience and it will pay you one day. Below i have mentioned the complete steps: -

Step 1:- First of all you need to have an account on Alertpay which is just like an Internet
Banking where the Ptc site will pay you the Money u earned.
Step 2:- Click here to Visit Alertpay site. After going to Alertpay you have to create an Account, Don't worry registering an account in alertpay is free so click sign up and create a
personal starter account.
step 3:- After successfully creating your alertpay account now it's the step to create on one of
the PTC site. The PTC site is Bux.to which is the most trusted site and works genuinely.
Just visit Bux.to and click Join now, then you will be directed to sign up page. Just enter desired user name, password and E-mail address, After that enter an Alertpay E-mail Address which you used to sign up with it. And in referrer enter yooray.
Congratulations! now you have successfully created your bux.to account too and from now start surfing and earn money.
Hope this will help you, even today I'm using this site to make money. As per my experience there is no other way to make a decent money online. So i think this is the best way to make money online and this is the guide just for beginners. The procedure might look tedious but don't worry friends, it works and will pay you one day. ENjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I really found your site very helpful so I will follow you then. Good luck and more power Yooray.